Daily Fuel Prices

#2 Heating Oil

(Plain Untreated Fuel)


Thermalex Heating Oil

Our Premium Bio-Heating Oil, contains a 2% Soy and special additives. These Additives

help the fuel burn cleaner and more thoroughly, and help your furnace perform more

efficiently. Thermalex Bio-Heating oil is exclusive to Western Reserve Farm Cooperative.


#1 Fuel Oil

A blend of K-1 Kerosene and #2 Fuel Oil.


K-1 Kerosene



B2 Torquemaster

Our Premium Bio Off Road Diesel, Torquemaster, is an Ultra Lo Sulfur product. It

contains 2% Soy which provides excellent lubricity for all engines. Torquemaster also

contains special additives that help improve the Cetane rating by 1-3 points. Helps the

fuel burn cleaner and helps the engine perform more efficiently.


Regular #2 Off-Road Diesel

(Plain Untreated Fuel)


Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Our Premium On Road Bio Diesel is 2% Soy Diesel, an ALL AMERICAN fuel. It is an

Ultra Lo Sulfur product and also contains special additives that help the fuel burn

cleaner. We offer up to 20% soy in our On Road Diesel and Off Road Diesel.


Regular Gasoline 87 Oct.


Mid Grade Gasoline 89 Oct.


Premium Gasoline 91 or 92 Oct.





Delivered Fuel Prices  


Prices subject to change without notice.

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