Fuel & Energy

****Burton Station Under Construction****

Starting November 16th our Burton station will be closed while we replace our retail station pumps. We expect the new pumps to be operational by December 2nd .  We will update this page with any changes in our expectations. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Fuel Ordering:

**** Delivered Prices ****

Thermalex Premium Heating Oil 2.009
Regular #2 Heating Oil 1.959
Discounts available over 300 gallons
Call for additional discounts
Phone: 1-800-362-9598
Email: fuel@wrfc.com

Station Pump Prices:

Burton Jefferson Ashtabula
Unleaded Regular Gas .00 1.839 1.839
Unleaded Mid Grade Gas .00  .00  0.00
Unleaded Premium Gas .00  .00 2.339
Torquemaster Premium On-Road Diesel .00 2.259  2.259